Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Confessions of a Scrapping Hoarder!

Sooooo, this week I am participating in an online Stash Bash - 7 days of using products in your existing stash to make pages and cards. No New Product Allowed!! When I signed up for it I thought it would be fun to give it a try but I have quickly realised just how much I do love getting new product! And I realised that I actually don't have that much "stash" right now - I got rid of most of my CM product and I don't have that much CTMH right now. Oooops!!

But I LOVE the idea of the Stash Bash - of just looking at what you have in front of you and using it. That's right, using it. Not collecting it. Not coveting it. Not stashing it away til you find the "perfect" photos or events.

For those of us (and yes, I do consider myself in this category!) whose craft area looks like an episode of Hoarders, the Stash Bash concept is perfect. This past weekend I was on a retreat and working on making sample pages using the new CTMH christmas products. I made the pages as per the instructions, then I made some extra pages using the leftovers and I had the rare experience of actually using up 2 entire packs of embellishments - nothing left! As I came down to the last few I started to get a bit anxious about it, fretting that I wouldn't have anything left to use "later" (whenever that might be!). But I pushed through it and forced myself to move past that anxiety and just use it up. And truthfully, it was LIBERATING! I bought the kit, I made the pages, I used up the product...the way it should be!! YAY ME!!!!

Now if you can relate to my hoarding sensibilities, then I challenge you this week to push through it and use up some of your stash. Just use it. Like good china, it was designed to be used not set on a shelf or in a cupboard gathering dust. Use it. As the folks at Nike would say, just do it!

To get you started, here is a little video clip from CTMH this week that is perfect for a bit of stash busting. Give it a go - I reckon you will surprise yourself by just how good it feels to use scraps from your stash! And how cute is this card! Have a great stash-busting week!


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