Saturday, 29 June 2013

Long Time Gone...

With the Close To My Heart Australia lift off just 1 day away now, I find my mind is shifting gears again and getting back into business mode. It's been kinda nice to have this guilt-free time out of business as Creative Memories wound up but as of Monday 1st July that holiday is over and it is back to work full tilt. What that business is going to look like, I have no idea...I just want to get moving again and put all the trouble of the last 2 months behind me. Wow, is it really only 2 months since everything imploded?? Seems like a lot more than that!

So now I am in planning mode; planning how to launch my new business, planning how I am going to run things differently this time around, planning what I am going to make once my new business kit arrives...planning, planning, planning! And I am ITCHING to get my hands on that business kit!

I get excited just thinking about all the cool stuff I can make with this bundle of goodies!!

And in the last 8 weeks we have added nearly 1000 people to the Virtual Crop group which is pretty cool! I won't lie, it has been a lot of work to keep it all going and we wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of a whole army of other people, especially our families who have been endlessly patient with us as we lived out our lives glued to Facebook, eating meals in front of the computer so we could post comments and ideas and music videos to keep everyone bubbling along until the CTMH launch date. There is still a lot of work to be done in the Crop as we make the transition from CM to CTMH but we have survived this long in the wilderness so we are pretty much unstopable now!

And then to top it all off, we found out 2 weeks ago that we have to move house! Yep, after 17 years in this house, we have to pack it all up and relocate at the end of July!

So things are about to shift to a whole new level of madness around here but that's ok, it keeps life interesting! Not sure how/when/where I will get to make much of anything over the next 4 weeks as we get ready to move but I am quietly confident it is all going to turn out for the best...I can feel it in my bones! I am ready to blast off into the next chapter of my life, in a new business with a new company, in a new home for my family, with my own craft room (woo hooo!!)...this party is just getting started!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing where this new adventure takes you!!