Saturday, 18 May 2013

As George Michael would say, "Ya Gotta Have Faith..."

This week has seen more than its fair share of drama and intrigue, ups and downs but as it draws to a close I find my mind keeps coming back to this one thought...ya gotta have faith. Faith that you are on the right path. Faith that the decisions you make will stand you in good stead. Faith that it is all going to turn out ok.
In 2011, my One Little Word for the year was Faith and I spent a great deal of time back then reflecting on what faith means to me. In retrospect I can see that it was time well spent. Right now I have nothing but my customers, in my business buddies, in what we are working hard to create on Facebook, in my ability to juggle the many many demands on my time right now, that my family and non-scrapbooking friends (I think I still have some of those!) understand why I am so distracted. Faith. That's pretty much all I am running on right now, faith and very little sleep!
To me, having faith is like being a farmer: you have to plant your seeds in rich soil, water them regularly with positive thoughts, and then you wait. So that is what I am doing. My seeds of faith are planted, I am tending my garden by trying to minimize the negativity that surrounds me and now I wait. In short, I am ready to grow a new beginning.
Here's hoping my faith proves to be as beautiful as these blossoms!

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